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Is your centre fully licensed?

A: Yes, Little Owl Academy is a fully licensed Childcare facility through Interior Health.

Is there a registration Fee?

A: At time of registration a $100 non-refundable admin fee will be charged. This fee secures your spot at Little Owl Academy.

When are monthly Fees due?

A: Upon registration, Little Owl Academy requires a completed EFT enrollment form with a void cheque or direct deposit form, 6 months of post-dated checks, or cash payment of first and last month’s fees. If paying cash, the last fee payment will be applied to your child’s final month of enrollment. Your child is not deemed registered until we have one of the preceding payment options in hand.

What is included in your monthly fees?

A: Morning and afternoon snack for daycare, and Infant/Toddler care, and afternoon snack for Out of School Care. Transportation to and from Chute Lake Elementary in Kettle Valley, and Glenmore Elementary, North Glenmore Elementary and Watson Road Elementary in Glenmore.

What do I do if I no longer need care?

A: If you no longer require our services 45 days written notice is required from the 15th of the month. For example, if you would like to discontinue services for October 1st , notice must be given prior to August 15th. Upon deciding to permanently remove your child from Little Owl Academy you must fill out a Permanent Withdrawal Form available at your location or by emailing from your child’s centre. If you choose to remove your child from Little Owl before the 45 days is up, no refund will be granted.

What happens if I accidentally bounce my cheque?

A: Oops, we all make mistakes! Your child will still have care but we would appreciate a new cheque, cash, or e-transfer promptly with a $50 surcharge included to cover the bank fees.

If I am going away for a month or decide to take a holiday and don’t need care, do I still have to pay for the time that I am away?

A: Yes, in order to secure your child’s space you need to pay even when you wish to take a holiday. We are unable to enroll another child while you are away as this spot is secured for your child. If you choose to discontinue care for a period of time we cannot guarantee your space will be available upon your return as other families may be waiting for care.

It’s May and I don’t need care until July, will you hold my spot?

A: Unfortunately we can’t hold your spot, in order to keep the spot, you will have to start paying for the months leading up to the date you require care for.

What are the Hours the Daycare Centre will be open?

A: 7:30am to 6:00pm

How many children are allowed in the Daycare/Preschool /Out of School Care?

A: The 3-5 all day care room is licensed for 25, there are 20 Out of School Care children, 20 children in each Preschool Class, and 12 in our Infant Toddler room.

What are the age groups for each program?

A: Infant Todder Ages 0 – 3 yrs, Daycare and Preschool Ages 2 ½ – Kindergarten, Out of School Kindergarten and up.

What is your staff to child ratio?

A: Infant Toddler is 1 teacher for every 4 children enrolled; Daycare 1 teacher for every 8 children enrolled; Preschool and Out of School Care 1 staff for every 10 children enrolled

What are the qualifications of the staff?

A: All staff members will have a valid criminal check and first aid. There will always be Early Childhood Educators on site and all assistants will have completed at least one ECE course. We will only hire staff members who are as passionate about children and childcare as we are.

What if my child is sick or needs medication?

A: Please see our policies in our parent handbook.

May I come in and see my child at anytime?

A: We have an open door policy and all parents are welcome to come in at anytime. We just ask that you be respectful of other children in the program and shy away from visiting or picking up at naptime.

Is there a parent group or parent activities?

A: We have different events and activities over the year where families will be invited to participate. Little Owl Academy is a family centered program. You can also find us on facebook!