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In the Fall of 2018, Little Owl Academy began a journey to update and enhance it’s vision, philosophy and programming. As a team, we are working individually and collectively to align all aspects of our ECE practice, programs and services with our updated vision and philosophy. It is a continuous journey and one that we are excited to be on with educators, families, children and the broader community in the areas we serve.

Our Vision

To be an exceptional place for educators to teach, children to thrive and community to grow.

At Little Owl Academy, supporting children’s independence, creativity and individuality is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe in seeing, respecting and supporting children, as well as our educators, for who they are. We are a mixed philosophy program — bringing together the best practices from multiple early childhood education philosophies — Montessori, Reggio and Traditional ECE. We are also influenced by the British Columbia Early Learning Framework.


We believe that community matters – community in our classrooms, in our programs, among our families and in the broader field of early learning and care. We also believe in supporting the local community around us.

Every day we . . .

encourage independence and creativity in young children from the very beginning.
are responsive to each child’s individuality and the unique needs of their family because we believe this is essential in the provision of high quality early learning and care experiences.
bring together the best of the best in early childhood education approaches from Montessori, Reggio and Traditional ECE.
support early learning through play, creative opportunities and exceptional educational experiences.
use a strength-based approach to support and encourage our educators, our children and our families.

Our Programs

At Little Owl Academy our programs are always growing and evolving. The following foundational roots serve to ensure we stay true to our vision, philosophy and core values.

We nurture reflective practice, growth & professionalism.

We create intentional environments that support children’s independence, creativity and individuality.

We build connections and relationships that are both genuine and respectful.

We celebrate moments, milestones, successes & community through a spirit of generosity.

Infant Toddler

We offer all day child care for infants and toddlers (ages birth to 36 months.) Spaces are available on a full time basis.

Preschool Aged

We offer all day child care for preschool aged children (ages 30 months to School Age.) Spaces are available on a full time basis.


Jr Kindergarten Program Sept-June

We offer a Junior K program for preschool children (ages 30 months to School Age.)

Before and/or After School Care

We offer Out of School Child Care for school age children (ages 5 to 12 years.)