Little Owl Academy Programs

An open door policy – As a parent with a child enrolled in our centre it is important that you feel comfortable at the centre at all times. That means that you are welcome anytime to join us during the day.

A “Green” classroom – We will be educating the children about how to respect the earth from our recycling program to reusing items in our classroom. While designing Little Owl we made the most eco friendly choices possible from no VOC’s in the paint on our walls to Energy Star appliances.

A theme based centre – Being a theme based centre has a great advantage for your children. It allows them to be introduced to new and exciting topics each week. We will be reviewing everything from dinosaurs to transportation.

Art – Your children will have the opportunity to partake in a daily art activity. The art activity will be based around the theme of the week.  There will also be opportunities during choice time for your children to freely create in our art area.

Daily circle times – Each day there will be two circle times. One circle will primarily focus on the daily calendar, phonics and early learning activities. The afternoon circle will be focused around the theme of the week with songs, stories, finger plays, yoga dance, and other fun activities related to our topic of discussion.

Phonics – We use The Family Fun Phonics program in our classroom. It is a great way to introduce phonics to the children. Each week we explore a different letter, read a story about that letter, practice what sound the letter makes and practice writing or beginning the hand over hand process to learn to write the letter in our phonics books.

Sign LanguageWe use allot of sign language in our classrooms throughout the day. We incorporate it into our songs and daily activities. We have a teacher that comes in to our Infant/Toddler room twice a month.

Yoga – The owners of Little Owl Academy are certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teachers. We incorporate yoga into all of our circle times and afternoon “rest”

Daily snacks provided – We will provide your children with a morning and afternoon snack. Each snack will start with a fruit and/or vegetable to promote healthy eating. The snack menu will be available for your review on the bulletin board. We will be a peanut free centre.

Outdoor Adventures – We will be taking advantage of the 5 beautiful park settings within walking distance, and going on many nature walks.

Community based approach – Children are the heart of this community. We believe in having our children hold fund raisers to pay it forward, participate in community events, and also teaching them to love and respect where they live and all the people in their community.

Music – We love to sing and dance, play instruments and listen to an assortment of music throughout the day.